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Surgical Knives

Surgical knives are used during various dental surgeries. These instruments are manufactured with supreme quality stainless steel to ensure optimal performance and durability. The surgical knife is used to make incisions to remove or recontour soft tissues. We have manufactured different surgical knives, e.g., Kirkland surgical knife, buck surgical knife, Kirkland crane Kaplan knives, and many more.

The Kirkland Orban knives are primarily used for gingivectomy and gingivoplasty. These knives support dentists in their daily dental procedures. We have introduced knives in different sizes for every dental procedure.

Our advanced designed knives are crafted with sharp and corrosion-free surgical knife blades. We have also manufactured small surgical knife for precise and delicate dental performance. Our famous knives are unique in combining excellent stainless steel quality with the ergonomically designed structure to meet your daily requirements as a dental surgeon. Our wide range of scalpel surgical knife falls in the best surgical instruments used by dentists worldwide. All of our knives are made with the finest stainless steel to meet international dental instrument world standards. The surgical knife is the essential tool of a dental surgeon. Different types of knives are manufactured to fulfill specific functions effectively.

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