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Periotome Dental Instruments

Periotome dental instruments are used to cut periodontal ligaments for dental implant placements and atraumatic tooth extractions. Their thin and sharp blades are used in facilitating teeth removal with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues. The thin blade also makes easy access into the periodontal space. These instruments are specially designed to aid dentists in different procedures with reduce hand fatigue and increased control.

All of our periotome dental tools are manufactured with the finest quality stainless steel to ensure maximum durability and longevity. We have introduced different sizes and varieties of periotome dental instruments with proper finishing and unique styles. Tooth extraction is no more a hurdle for dentists with our advanced periotomes. Periotomes with curved blades are made to help in the extraction of posterior teeth. Each of our designed instruments holds a specific purpose. We also offer customized-made periotomes to fulfill your requirements according to your own choice. 

Our advanced designed instruments are well made and easy to handle during long dental procedures. The smart style, efficient delivery, and ergonomically friendly nature make them a "must-have" for all dental practitioners. Our purposely designed periotomes help make tooth extractions more convenient and comfortable both for the patient and the practitioner.  

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