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Frequently Asked Question's

Our Premium quality Anglevator offers easy tooth extraction without damaging nearby area. The instrument is easy to grip and provide more control over the instrument during usage.

Yes, we have an extensive range of dental surgical instrument sets. You can buy any set according to your requirements. We also offer custom sets/packs in multiple sizes.

Yes, we offer discount deals on all our products. You can also avail of amazing discount offers on bulk instruments.

We always prefer high-quality German Forged stainless steel to manufacture our dental instruments. Some instruments are also crafted from titanium and tungsten carbide to satisfy dentist needs.

You can search by entering its SKU or name in the search bar on the web page's top to find any product. You can also look for an instrument in their categories to find a specific instrument that fits your requirements. Or contact our customer care service number if you face trouble finding any instrument.

Yes. GerDentUSA.com ships its instruments worldwide regularly. Similar to the other e-Commerce business, we entail verifying your credit card's information to get a successful transfer of funds to our bank account, preceding a shipment that transpires outside of the US. The instruments can also be bought at our trade shows during the year.

We guarantee to provide high-quality German stainless material surgical instruments. Some of them have titanium, chromium plating, or tungsten carbide inserts to become long-lasting.

The variations present in the dental surgery instruments will assist in several surgeries. Also, there would be a slight variation in them, but it can make the overall surgical procedure highly effective.

There are many left-hand surgical instruments to assist left-handed users and make the procedure's outcomes highly effective.

Yes, the instruments have steam sterilizable material; therefore, you can reuse them for many years.

We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal.

Our products have a lifetime warranty. Yet, the items with the portions of tungsten carbide inserts have a five years warranty period. We will be sharpening the instruments in this duration if required.

We can custom manufacture the product for you as per the requirements of dental surgery. Our craftsmen are highly skilled in meeting the expectations of the clients.

There is no requirement to set up an account. The ordering process is simple by adding the product into the cart and proceeding to checkout. Then, add the shipping and payment details.

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