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GerDentUSA has been manufacturing and supplying dental surgical instruments for over 30 years. We place a high value on instruments' innovation and precision craftsmanship. Being ISO 13485 certified, we have sustained a reputation for delivering high-quality products and services to achieve purchaser's satisfaction. Our highly experienced professionals work determinedly to strictly follow the FDA's guidelines. The process of constructing a product is monitored at all instances, and the procedures are documented. We are enthusiastic about providing you with the best services.


Our goal is to transform the dental surgery market by producing advanced dentistry instruments that assist medical practitioners.


The product's quality represents the excellence and brilliance of a surgical instrument. Therefore, we show visible proof by prioritizing the quality of any product. Moreover, our products have German stainless material, making them rustproof, durable, and sterilizable. Our surgery instruments have high-grade materials such as titanium, German stainless steel, and tungsten carbide. Every item goes under an elongated process to ensure it is made as per the client's requirements. Our top priority is reliability, trustworthiness, and excellence, which we consistently maintain while manufacturing and supplying the product.


At GerDentUSA, we manufacture and supply advanced dentistry tools, having amazing features_which are efficient enough to make surgical procedures less painful. There are approximately 2500 dental surgical instruments. Some of the main products are mentioned below:

Anglevator Curettes
Dental Elevators Dental Scissors
Periotomes Dental Chisels
Dental Forceps Dental Retractors
Bone Rongeurs Needle Holder
Dental Explorers Dental Osteotome


We also offer complete surgical sets and packs to cover whole surgical procedures with excellence.



We can proudly say that our team includes highly skilled engineers who manufacture the best surgical tools for our valuable customers. We have faith in providing the right surgical dental instrument that you desire. Our craftsmen understand the requirements of the clients and manufacture accordingly. The instruments' design will surely be your companion in all kinds of surgical procedures. Likewise, they consider the market and upcoming trends to check what products are highly suitable for the users.


Many medical practitioners feel difficulty in using the standard size of instruments for dentistry. However, the practice is required to use a dental instrument perfectly. Oral surgical tools can affect the whole outcome; thus, it should have a precise structure. There should not be any compromise on the features or structure of the instrument. If you want to manufacture your custom instruments, share your innovative idea to improve the surgery's results.

If you don't find an instrument in our categories, we will custom manufacture it!

Do share your needs with our manufacturing team to custom-design the instruments. The process includes:

Our Process

Delivery Service

The right choice is to buy the instruments directly from the company, and it will be quite affordable for all buyers. The web interface is user-friendly, and you don't need to spend extra energy. Besides, you will not face any trouble ordering our surgical instruments. The process of delivery is quick and efficient. Furthermore, there are no delivery charges for the United States of America and Canadian citizens. So, place your order now, shorn of any hesitancy.

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