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Dental Cord Packers

Cord packers are essential instruments used in dental procedures. They are used to move gum tissue away from a tooth to produce an accurate impression. We manufacture serrated and non-serrated cord packers for this vital step of the impression process.

Gingival retraction cords help in gently moving the gums out of the way to make a clear impression. The dental cord packer facilitates placing the cord around the tooth for an enhanced working view. Our advanced cord packer instrument lets you skillfully place a gingival cord in a patient’s gums. 

We offer an extensive range of cord packing instruments of different shapes and styles to better fit according to your requirement. Both smooth and serrated cord packer ends work perfectly in different conditions. Our advanced technology cord packers comprise round, flat, and thin tips.

All of our gingival cord packers have hollow, ergonomically friendly handles. The instruments work efficiently to keep the patient’s gums protected during the cord packing procedure.

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