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Margin Trimmer

Margin trimmer are the cutting instruments used by dental professionals in a variety of dental procedures. These dental trimmers are also named gingival margin trimmers. The operative margin trimmers are restorative cutting tools used to trim, smooth, cut, and contour enamel margins.

These dental tools have slightly angled blades with sharp beveled cutting ends to ensure distal and mesial access into the preparation. These versatile dental instruments are essential to use in sharpening line angles. 

We have introduced a variety of innovative styles of margin trimmer too. All are specially designed with ergonomic handles to deliver maximum work output. They are manufactured by keeping all the factors in mind, such as texture, balance, diameter, and weight, to provide our clients with the best equipment.

The top-quality German stainless steel composition guarantees the endurance and durability of the instruments. Their innovative designs facilitate dentists in all possible ways to obtain perfect clinical results.

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