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Dental Hoes are very useful instruments used in dental procedures. These instruments are used with a pull stroke. These instruments are used to remove extensive calculus and stain depositions from supra-gingival areas on the lingual and facial surfaces. The hoes come with a straight blade. The instruments are available in both straight and curved styles. The straight shanks are made to deal with the anterior teeth, while the curved shanks are used for posterior teeth.

The dental hoe instruments are also used to form line angles and planning the tooth walls. These dental tools are also involved in cavity preparations by smoothening and cleaning the walls. The working end of the hoe is angled perpendicularly with the shank to achieve maximum clinical outcomes. 

We have designed dental hoes with high-quality German stainless steel with an angled blade design that ensures proper reach to the teeth. We offer hoe dental instruments of different types such as Mccall hoes, Towner hoes, Orban hoes, and many others with different innovative styles. All of our manufactured operative hoes work with excellent accuracy and comfort.

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