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Hatchet Chisel

This Hatchet Chisel ergonomic dental tool is helpful in cleaving the enamel and shaping sound dentin. It is basically restorative cutting instruments. Experts use it for retentive areas, removing hard caries, internal line angles, and unsupported enamel from cavity preparations.

Moreover, it can split tooth enamel, sharpen cavity preparations, and smoothen cavity walls.

Dentists must consider this oral aesthetic improving tool as it is lightweight, durable, and rust-free. Moreover, it can be used after sterilization. Our special Hatchet Chisel feature a Double-ended Profile and surgical-grade german stainless steel material.

We are committed to providing an extensive range of dental instruments along with multiple variations. Our multi-purpose instruments are perfect to be part of your dental kit. We strongly believe in innovation. That’s why we have been upgrading our instruments regularly, which helps medical practitioners to keep pace with the constantly evolving dentistry.

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