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Carving Knives

Carving knives are dental instruments that are used to serve vital functions in different dental laboratories. The instruments are used in different carving procedures. These instruments are used for carving crowns and laying the wax for their fabrication. They also help in removing the flesh, excess filling material, and overhangs. Their thin and sharp blades allow access to all unreachable surfaces. They are crafted with high-grade stainless steel material for maximum durability and strength.

The ergonomically friendly structure makes it comfortable to use with fewer chances of carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist pain conditions. They are designed with different angles to be used for different functions. Each designed knife holds a specific function. Our different variety of carving knives comprises of Esthetic carving knife, Tanner carving knife, Goldman-fox Kirkland carving knife, and many others. All of our uniquely crafted knives work efficiently to deliver the best services.

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