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Ward Carver

The Ward Carver is a hand-held dental instrument. It is ideal to carve, place, and contour amalgam. So, it is an important part of dental restorative procedures as it assists in contouring filling material and wax. 

This special carver dental instrument comes in both straight and curved designs. Some of the variations have a spherical end that helps get rid of flash for developing foss. 

On the other hand, the elongated thin tip is perfect for the carving processes and the removal of surplus material. Moreover, the hollow spherical handle gives a secure grip for the dentist's hand.

We have designed a number of ward carvers in various sizes and styles. All versions are ideally designed to fulfill the needs of dental professionals. Some of our first-rate Ward Dental Carvers are as follows:

• Ward 1 Carver
• Ward 2 Carver
• Walls W1

Let's have a brief overview of these specially designed carvers.

Ward 1 Carver features both tips curved. One working end of the instrument is thin and pointed, while the other is slightly flat-shaped. It is ideal for contouring the filling material during dental restorative procedures.

Ward 2 carver has an almost similar structure to Ward 1 Carver. Both the working ends of the instrument are curved, making it ideal for smoothening surfaces and trimming excess material during restorative procedures. 

Walls W1 is a special variation with a round hollow handle and curved tips, perfect for honing grooves and making triangular ridges for filling the wax or plastic material in dental cavities. 

All our carver dental instruments are German-forged and performance tested to ensure effective restoration. Moreover, they are reusable and sterilizable. 

For the convenience of dental professionals, we are open to manufacturing any instruments according to the desired requirements. So, if you do not find the instrument you need, we will specially forge it for you. We manufacture our dental instruments intending to improve the field of dentistry. So, quality and craft are our prior concerns regarding any surgical instrument. 

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