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Tanner Carver

The Tanner Carver is an orthodontic surgical instrument. It is a versatile dental tool that helps experts in oral dental surgery perform several dental procedures. Basically, it is one of the important variations of dental carvers useful for craving anatomical features and trimming excess filling materials.

Structure-wise, it is a double-ended dental instrument with a firm grip handle. It is available in both curved and straight designs. Some of the variants feature one pointed end, while another has a disc-like round tip.

During restorative operations, a tanner carver is helpful for sculpting plastic tooth fillings. The removal of extra material and carving procedures are made easier by the thin, elongated, and pointed working end of the instrument.

Moreover, the round hollow handle ensures a comfortable grip for the dentist's hand. The special structure of the instrument facilitates universal adaptability for dental operative procedures. 

Keeping in view the needs of dental experts, we have manufactured tanner carver dental instruments with multiple designs and sizes. Our top-of-the-line Tanner Carvers include:

• Tanner Tan6: With both tips long and curved.
• Tanner Tan5: Features sharp curved working ends.
• Tanner Tan4: Have a straight design with round tips.
• Tanner Tan3: Features both tips curved; one pointed and another flat.

All these instruments are forged from the finest quality materials. Moreover, they are reusable, rust, and autoclavable. Our performance-tested dental surgical instruments are intended to improve your dental practice. 

Furthermore, if you do not find the instrument you are looking for, we will manufacture it for you. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. While admitting the fact that our dental surgical instruments are surgeons’ hand extensions, we do not compromise on the quality or craft of our dental tools.

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