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Luxating Elevator Straight 2mm Micro Serrated Tip Small Stubby Handle

SKU: GD50-3890
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Luxating Elevator Straight 2mm Micro Serrated Tips Small Stubby Handle is used to separate the PDL during dental surgery. The features are a thin, sharp micro-serrated straight tip along with a short stubby handle that ensures tearing the periodontal ligament without causing damage to the alveolar bone and gums.

$79.00 $71.10

Our autoclavable Luxating Elevator is worthy of being a part of your dental kit. Medical-grade German stainless steel keeps it rust-free, lightweight, and durable. Other features are: 
•    Small Stubby Handle
•    Micro Serrated Tips 2mm
•    Straight Pattern 
•    Finest Quality Metal 


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