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Tissue Punch

Tissue punches are the instruments that are used in different dental implant procedures. They are used to gain access to the underlying bone in implant surgeries. They provide an easy method of soft tissue removal to make space for implants. Our designed surgical tissue punch instruments are known for their best working efficacy. The instruments are made with high-quality German stainless steel material with a polished finishing that makes them aesthetically beautiful and rust-free.

This dental tissue punch is available in a variety of sizes with straight and curved innovations. It ranges from 4mm to 6mm in size. We also offer customized-made tissue punchers to fit the individual needs best. They are designed with a non-slip handle to provide a comfortable grip. Our instruments are reliable to facilitate you in the best possible ways. We have exclusively made these tissue punches with a lightweight design to make your surgical procedures more comfortable and efficient.

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