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Surgical Chisels

Surgical chisels are the dental instruments that are used in different dental procedures. They are useful in reshaping bone, reflecting the flaps, and in the removal of secondary palatal flaps. Dental professionals in skillful techniques use them during different periodontal surgery procedures. These both-sided chisels come in a variety of shapes and designs. Their unique style of the blade makes them more effective to use during dental procedures. The chisel surgical instrument ensures longevity and optimized performance.

Our surgical chisel dental range comprises different types, e.g., Ochsenbein surgical chisel coated and Kirkland surgical chisel coated, available in different sizes. The instruments are manufactured with high-grade German stainless steel that makes them wear-resistant and corrosion-free. Their advanced designed body makes them easy to grip with reduced slipping. Our innovative collection of coated surgical chisels helps dentists carry out different procedures with maximum efficiency and comfort. If you were looking for a high-grade chisel surgical instruments, it would be the best choice for you and your patients.

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