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Sinus Instruments

Sinus surgical instruments are the dental instruments that are used in different surgical procedures. The instruments are used to elevate and separate the membrane from the maxillary bone during sinus lift procedures. They are also used in different grafting procedures to place bone-grafting material into elevated sinus floor sites. The sinus lift instruments facilitate bone transportation during surgery.

These instruments are manufactured with superior German stainless steel. They are the ideal instruments used during sinus lift procedures. A wide range of sinus lift instruments with different types and styles are available, along with angulation and working-end options to provide better access. Our precisely designed instruments ensure optimal performance and best clinical outcomes. Their hollow handle design aids in the comfortable grip and efficient delivery. All of them are uniquely designed to fulfill your requirements. If you were looking for high-grade sinus surgical tools, our products would be the best choice for you and your patients.

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