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Luxating Elevators

Luxating elevator is an important dental tool used in dental extractions. These instruments are an essential part of dental surgical procedures. The dental elevators are used in loosening the teeth before extraction. In most cases, they are used in removing the fractured or sectioned roots. All the elevators consist of three main parts, i.e., blade, handle, and a shank. The blade is the working part of the tool.

The dental luxating elevator is made from a stainless steel material that provides long time durability. We have designed luxating elevators with short handles that allow practitioners to have a delicate grip for maximum accuracy and comfort. Our tool kit of luxating elevators provides different types of elevators that are used in different dental procedures. Different types of elevators perform different functions based on their style and formation. The innovative designs of elevators facilitate dentists in all possible ways. Their different angled tips aid in accurate dental extractions.

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