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Rubber Dam Forceps

Rubber Dam Forceps are dental instruments used for endodontic procedures. Dentists use them to hold, expand, and apply rubber dam clamps to teeth. Thus, they help in rubber dam isolation during various dental procedures. They also help isolate the teeth for dental fillings and other endodontic procedures. 

• Robust structure
• Non-slip handles  
• Ergonomic design 

We use high-quality surgical-grade Stainless Steel to manufacture our tools, which makes them reliable and durable. The non-slip handles also ensure better control over the instrument. Thus, they minimize the chances of accidental trauma due to tool slippage. 
Additionally, their robust structures have high tensile strengths. Their surfaces are also inert to many chemical reactions. Besides, they require low maintenance with proper care and handling. Our Rubber Dam Forceps are easily autoclavable and reusable.

Above all, the ergonomic design doesn't cause strain on dentists' hands. Consequently, their productivity and the efficiency of dental procedures increase. 
The availability of various variations also aids dentists in selecting the appropriate tool. All these features make them perfect to be part of dental tool kits. 

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