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Endodontic Excavator

An endodontic excavator is used for removing the carious dentin ‌precisely. It has effective sharpness for pulp removal. Dental experts also prefer this instrument to remove the part of the tooth dentine during the root canal procedure. It has a sharp end that cuts the dentine while the flat end helps in the removal process.
Spoon excavators are mostly preferred. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes. The size of the instrument depends on the cavity. 

Excavator looks like a curette that enables surgeons to scrub out damaged tissue from a wound of pulp chambers and channels of the teeth. It prepares the oral site for restorative procedures.

Our specially designed endodontic excavator has a german stainless steel body. It is reusable and durable. The ergonomic grip and multiple tip diameter make it a valuable instrument. Cleaning and sterilization do not affect the body of the instrument. Endodontic excavators are ideal to be a part of your unique dental surgical kit.

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