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Double Ended

This explorer dental instrument has both ends working. Surgeons prefer this unique structure tool for the detection and exploration of decaying teeth and pockets. Moreover, this dental surgical instrument is also suitable for furcation and restoration during surgery.
Our double ended dental explorer possesses:

•    Double-Ended design
•    Pointed ends
•    Round Handle 

In addition, multiple variations of the instrument are available to meet different requirements. All the variations are forged from German stainless steel. And they are specific according to their need. Surgeons must consider this robust structure dental tool for the good of their practice and patients’ health. They are atraumatic and lightweight. 
The ergonomic design of this equipment provides non-slippery surgery. They are reusable, reliable, and durable surgical instruments. So, making it part of your dental kit will make your job faster and less hectic.

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