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Crown Scissors and Pliers

Crown scissors are designed for trimming the margins of crowns. The crown Scissors consists of a wide range of cutting blades to fit a variety of requirements. These scissors are designed with short, wide blades. These scissors are perfect for trimming different aluminum or stainless steel crowns. We offer a wide collection of dental scissors that are available in straight and angled tip designs, with any without serrations. The cutting edge of our designed scissors stays sharp even after repetitive use. The Crown contouring pliers are also used for enhancing crown form.

Each of our designed dental crown scissors has a specific delicate feel and balance, perfect cutting action, comfortable rings, and excellent work delivery. This dental instrument is made of German stainless steel, providing corrosion-resistant and reliable scissors. Our crown and bridge scissors are durable and provide comfortable delivery to the user. The crown scissors are manufactured to deliver a high-quality product to dental surgeons. Our line of advanced instruments ensures consistent durability and precision.

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