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Backhaus Towel Clamp

Many types of towel clamps are used in dental surgical procedures. Backhaus Towel Clamp is a dental surgical instrument popular in dentistry. Backhaus Clamp is used for holding tissue or securing drapes to the skin if necessary. Backhaus Towel is a finger-ring surgical instrument with ratchet lock technology that provides a firm grip to the users. The sharply pointed jaws of the instrument are unique. These amazing clamps hold the target at a place and lock them. Backhaus Towel is specially designed in a way that they do not hurt the fingers, wrist, or elbow during the long surgery. They are made of supreme quality German stainless steel. They are non-magnetic, rust-free, and unbendable surgical instruments. Due to Backhaus Towel Clamp uses, dentists make them a part of your surgical kit.

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