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Slide Calipers

Slide Calipers are dental measuring devices. They are commonly used to take large measurements of small objects. Dentists use this versatile Vernier caliper in dental implants. The caliper's unique mechanism allows the user to move the jaws of the device and take precise measurements.

The excellent sliding caliper scale helps taking readings from 0 to 100 mm. Thereby, it helps in increasing the resolution and minimizing the uncertainty in measurements by using this tool. Thus, it helps in reducing human estimation error. It is made of 100% stainless steel that provides quick and correct readings to the users.

GerDentUSA offers a wide variety of dental calipers. All instruments are sharp, durable, and robust. You can also find the customized instruments here. All our instruments are crafted from high-grade German surgical stainless material. Thus, they can stay for long-term. Our extensive list of dental instruments has set the standard of dental surgeries in the dentistry field.

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