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Why The Angelvator?

Why The Angelvator?

Let’s face it; your typical dental patient is not over-the-moon about sitting in your chair. Unless that is,  they know you are going to do all that it takes to make their visit a good one! Every minute counts when trying to assure your patient they are in good hands. This all begins the moment they walk in your doors to start their dental appointment. Rounding out their experience with skilled dentistry that leaves them in minimal pain or discomfort is the key to success!

To help give your patients the utmost care we would like to invite you to utilize one of our products. We are the manufacturers of the newest innovation in oral surgery; The Anglevator which is a luxating tool that combines six major dental hand tools in extractions:

  • Peritome
  • Luxator
  • Crane Pick
  • Chisel
  • Elevator
  • Proximator

The Anglevator provides an all-in-one tool which makes extractions easier, less painful and most importantly Atraumatic!

How to Use the Anglevator:

To become comfortable with the Anglevator, place the point of the angled blade into the MESIAL BUCCAL, as we learned with elevators, just in a more apical direction.  Work the blade as deep as possible then rotate/twist like an elevator.