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Anglevator Stainless Steel Pediatric

Dental Anglevators are tooth extraction tools that cut and loosen the periodontal ligament to remove teeth easily. It is an innovative tool that functions like six different dental tools: the Periotome, Luxator, Crane Pick, Chisel, Elevator, and Proximator.

The dental tool is available with the following features:

• Sharp tip
• Ergonomic design
• Thick handle

It features a thick handle that provides an efficient grip over the tool and reduces the chances of accidental injuries due to tool slippage. Its sharp tip allows precise cutting of the periodontal ligament to remove teeth from the alveolar bone. It also doesn’t cause any damage to the nearby oral structures.

In addition, our Anglevator Stainless Steel Pediatric is durable and robust due to its premium quality German stainless steel. It also doesn’t require much maintenance when appropriately used. Additionally, it is resistant to rust and corrosion, and its surface is inert to many chemical reactions.

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