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Surgical Mallet

Surgical mallets are used in various dental procedures, mainly with chisels or wedge to split teeth or remove the bone. It is also used in striking a surface without damaging it. The Solid mini mallet surgical instrument is made with supreme quality German stainless steel for multi-purpose applications. The handle is more comfortable to hold and easy to operate. Our handcrafted dental mallets ensure maximum efficiency by preserving the bone and ensuring the highest comfort for the patient, both in complicated implant surgeries and simple extractions.

In dentistry, the dentists use a surgical mallet instrument to hit the osteotomes to make some space for the dental implants. The Mead mallet with removable nylon caps is specially made with superior craftsmanship to achieve the best clinical outcomes. The Highly polished finish and best metal composition make them aesthetically perfect and corrosion-resistant. Our advanced design mallets ensure a high degree of precision and flexibility while conducting the clinical procedure. 

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