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Debakey Forceps

Debakey forceps are an important type of tissue forceps used in dentistry. Dental experts use these specially designed forceps for manipulating the tissues and holding blood vessels. The ergonomic design of the forceps prevents damaging the tissues while handling them.

Typically, Debakey Tissues Forceps feature an 18 cm long body with a coarsely ribbed grip handle. They have longitudinal serrations to hold blood vessels, delicate bowels, and bile ducts. Dentists also use these forceps for dissecting and grabbing small tissues.

Basically, Debakey Tissue forceps are known for being non-damaging and atraumatic. Therefore, oral experts can safely grasp delicate body parts like soft tissues and blood arteries without harming them. 

Surgeons can avoid tissue damage by carefully squeezing the blades and capturing tissues between the blunt tips. These unique designed forceps are also called magic forceps.

While using Debakey forceps, the tips can grip tissues by squeezing the blades together against the spring tension. Debakey Tissue forceps typically need spring tension to enable simple opening and closing without using too much force that could harm delicate tissues.

The Debakey dental Forceps come with fenestrated tips as well as a ribbed handle grip. Moreover, they are available in straight and curved designs to help dentists in different situations.

We have various types and variations of these specially designed tissue forceps. Some of our ergonomically designed Debakey dental forceps include

• Atraumatic Debakey Tweezer Tissue Forceps Curved 18cm
• Atraumatic Debakey Tweezer Tissue Forceps Straight 18cm
• Atraumatic Debakey Forceps Non-Crushing Curved 18cm
• Atraumatic Debakey Forceps Non-Crushing Straight 18cm

The curved patterns are ideal for grasping and manipulating the tissues in narrow surgery sites, while the straight design has its specialties for surface procedures to pick, retract, and hold, vessels and small tissues. 

Moreover, our high-tensile Debakey forceps meet all the standard requirements to assist in oral procedures effectively. They are German-forged for added durability and a longer lifespan. Furthermore, they are reusable after sterilization. 

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