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Dean Scissors

Dean Scissors are highly versatile dental instruments. These dental scissors feature one serrated blade that is suitable for cutting sutures or trimming tissues. It is also suitable for blunt dissection. The instrument has short jaws with sharp tips and long curved shanks that are ideal to use in oral surgeries. The upward angled blades are ideal for getting access to the mouth back in order to cut tissues or sutures during dental practices. The jaws are specifically crafted from tungsten carbide to avoid any chance of slippage.

The instrument body is manufactured from premium-grade German surgical stainless material. So, the scissors are reusable after sterilization. Overall instrument length is 16.5 cm.

GerDentUSA’s line of specialized dental instruments provides consistent precision and durability. Our instruments are manufactured while considering the standard of quality assurance. Because of our high commitment to quality, all our instruments are:

✓ German Forged

✓ Reusable

✓ Quality Assured

✓ Rustproof

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