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GerDentUSA warranties all GerDentUSA dental surgical instruments, identified by the GerDentUSA logo through stamping, imprinting, or laser marking, to be free from manufacturing defects in material and/or craftsmanship for the lifetime of the instrument. This warranty applies only if the instrument is used for its intended surgical purpose and receives proper care and maintenance.

GerDentUSA's sole obligation under this warranty is to repair or replace, at GerDentUSA's discretion, any instrument deemed defective. GerDentUSA will replace the instrument free of charge if its repair technicians determine a GerDentUSA-labeled instrument is beyond repair.

The below instruments manufactured by GerDentUSA have limited warranties:

  • Tungsten carbide Scissors > 5 years
  • Tungsten Carbide Needle holders > 1 year
  • Diamond Dust instruments > 1 year
  • Titanium instruments > 3 years
  • Silver or Chrome plated instruments > 1 year
  • Super-cut scissors > 1 year

GerDentUSA warranties are only valid for instruments that are properly maintained and used for their intended purposes. The warranty does not cover instruments that have been:

  • Modified without GerDentUSA's authorization
  • Subjected to unusual pressure
  • Had their original identification markings removed or altered

Warranty Disclaimer:

This warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty provided by GerDentUSA. No other statements or actions can establish a different warranty or guarantee. This warranty can only be modified by a written agreement signed by a GerDentUSA representative. These restrictions on creating and changing warranties cannot be waived or altered verbally or through any actions.


The warranty provided above is the only warranty offered by GerDentUSA. We disclaim ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, written or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. GerDentUSA will not be liable for any CONSEQUENTIAL, SPECIAL, or INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.

The provided WARRANTY is the SOLE responsibility of GerDentUSA arising from the sale, use, or performance of the instrument.


GerDentUSA will not be held directly or indirectly liable for any incidental or consequential damages or losses resulting from a breach of warranty, legal theory, negligence, or breach of contract. These damages include, but are not limited to, lost profits or sales, failure to use the instrument or any related equipment, capital costs, replacement equipment, services or facilities, downtime costs, or claims for such resulting damages.


If you are unsatisfied with a GerDentUSA replacement for any reason, we will repair or replace the item again at no additional charge within 30 days of your request.


The warranty coverage mentioned above applies only from the original date of purchase from GerDentUSA or an authorized GerDentUSA dealer. These warranties are only valid for the original purchaser and are not transferable. Instrument models and designs may change without prior notice.


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