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Plastic Filling Instrument

Plastic filling instrument is an essential tool used in dentistry. It is also named a “placement instrument.” These dental filling instruments are specially designed to place and contour restorative plastic materials into cavity preparations and other dental processes. They are designed with rounded ends to ensure the proper placement of restorative materials without damaging neighboring tissues.

These instruments are available in different options and sizes specially crafted to fulfill all the required functions. Each type is purposely built to help you in getting perfect clinical outcomes. The filling instruments are composed of durable German-grade stainless steel material.

The Plastic Filling Instrument dental is designed with double-ended, polished working ends. Our handcrafted dental plastic instrument contains an ergonomically friendly handle for comfortable use and excellent delivery.

Our dental filling tools come with highly polished finishing, aesthetically beautiful with corrosion-free quality. Our instruments are made to provide the highest quality service and best equipment solutions for all your clinical needs. 

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