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Bone Graft Packer and Pluggers

Bone Graft Packer and Pluggers are used to condense bone with excellent working ends during grafting procedures. Usually, when a tooth is lost, the surrounding bones also deteriorate over time. Dentists suggest dental implants in such cases. Often dental Bone Grafts are required where implants are going to be done.

Dentists prefer to repair teeth. The Dental Bone Graft is a process of rebuilding bone by using substitute bone in the required area. Dental Bone Grafting Instruments such as bone packer is used for condensing bones during dental procedures.

Generally, this incredible instrument is made of 100% stainless steel and lightweight. It is a unique double ended-surgical instrument with a serrated handle that provides non-slippery surgery. The stainless body keeps the instrument lightweight and gives the property of high corrosion resistance.

GerDentUSA offers an extensive range of Packers and Pluggers with amazing features. All our versatile instruments are unique have excellent features and variations.

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