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All New Stainless Steel Angelvator Now Available!

All New Stainless Steel Angelvator Now Available!

We are the manufacturers of the newest innovation in tooth extraction; The Anglevator, which is our own trademarked dental product! The Anglevator combines four major dental hand tools used in extractions: 1. the peritome 2. luxator 3. crane pick and 4. elevator all in one tool which makes extractions easier, less painful and most importantly, Atraumatic!

The Anglevator which we created by working closely with some of the top dental experts, design engineers, and craftsmen in dentistry, comes in a set of 3 and also within our popular "Extraction Kit" which can also be purchased on our website: www.GerDentUSA.com, Amazon.com and/or reviewed on any of our social media websites.

Here's what some dentist have to say about our Anglevators: Testimonials

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