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A Comprehensive Guide To Iris Scissors in Dentistry

A Comprehensive Guide To Iris Scissors in Dentistry

Every surgical procedure, including dental procedures, requires surgical scissors. Each variation of scissors has its own distinct characteristics and applications. Surgeons use scissors to cut, open, or hold things. Among the many types, Iris scissors are gaining great popularity amongst surgeons and dentists.

Iris scissors aid in the separation and differentiation of delicate tissue. The blades of iris scissors are the essential feature and can be straight or curved. Depending on the surgical procedure, surgeons use a variety of blades. Straight blades generally aid in making any incision, whereas curved blades provide better exposure to the working area.

You can find more about Iris scissors in dentistry in the following article.

Everything You Need To Know About Iris Scissors

Iris scissors are similar to other scissors, with sharp tips and pointed ends. These small handle scissors feature two blades with different angled tips. A swivel pin connects the blades to the shanks in the center. The scissors have finger ring handles that are ergonomically designed and easy to grip. Straight blades cut tissues on flat surfaces, while curved blades efficiently reach small spaces. As a result, different iris scissors in dental care are used for different purposes.


Iris scissors are short-bladed scissors that were initially designed for ophthalmic surgery. These are also known as Iris forceps. Iris scissors are now used in various surgical procedures, including dentistry. Iris scissors are also available in the craft market and are occasionally used to make fabric-related items. However, it has a prominent role in surgery and a moderate role in dentistry.

The types and applications of iris scissors in dentistry are discussed further below.

Types of Dental Iris Scissors

Iris scissors are also available in various types, each with their own features and applications. As these scissors come in many styles, the surgeon can choose the one that is best suited to the current surgical procedure. The following are the various types of these scissors.

Iris Gum Scissors Straight

The straight, delicate iris scissors come with large finger rings. The straight, blunt tips of the scissors are helpful for dissecting delicate tissue. They are also used to sever tendons, vessels, and nerves. A straight iris is ideal for removing necrotic tissues during dental surgery. Surgeons typically use these scissors to cut flat surfaces.

Iris Gum Scissors Curved

Curved iris scissors have curved ends that are useful for various dental procedures. They are ideal for contouring tissue in small surgical areas. The finger ring handles on the curved scissors have a long shank. The ideal structure fits the surgeon's hand and allows them to operate in tight spaces during surgery.

Iris Gum Scissors SuperCut

The blades on these Iris scissors are unique. In iris scissors SuperCup, for example, one side of the blade is sharp while the other has serrations. This distinct pattern ensures a clean cut during surgery. Furthermore, these have distinct colored ring handles for easy identification. There are straight and curved tips available for these distinct types.

Iris Gum Scissors Tungsten Carbide

These Iris scissors have tungsten carbide inserts and are incredibly sharp. They have finger ring handles that provide a secure grip. These have distinct patterns and are available with straight or curved tips. Multiple variations make it simple for surgeons to select the desired tool. In addition, surgeons can use them multiple times.

Uses of Iris Scissors

During surgical dental procedures, iris scissors perform various functions, including:

  • They primarily aid in the cutting of flat surfaces during surgeries.
  • They are used to cut muscle tissues and blood vessels during delicate dental surgeries.
  • The unique design of the scissor cuts the tissues perfectly during dental surgery procedures.
  • They are primarily valuable for contour tissues.
  • Sutures can be removed using the scissors' curved end in the curved iris surgical tools.
  • The structure of the scissors is ideal for detailed dissection of the narrow areas in the mouth.
  • Iris Gum Scissors Curved is used for trimming and cutting the gums.
  • Iris Gum Scissors provide high-precision cutting with minimal tissue and blood loss.

How to Get Your Iris Scissors? 

A scissor is hence an essential tool for holding or cutting during surgeries. We talked about the importance of iris scissors in dentistry. These specialized scissors are perfect for cutting in tight spaces in the oral cavity. In addition, it is available in many types for different procedures.

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