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Atraumatic Extraction Kit

Tooth extraction is a critical procedure. So, dentists need atraumatic tools to carry out the procedure conveniently.

In order to assist the dental professional in a true way, we offer the atraumatic dental extraction kit that makes tooth extraction atraumatic and easier. The kit contains all the required instruments with multiple variations. 
We offer the following dental extraction kits: 

•    Dental Angelvators Set of 3
•    Color-Coated Sets/kits

Our atraumatic extraction instruments are being manufactured and fine-tuned under the supervision of our experienced craftsmen.

Additionally, anglevators are one of our unique and innovative products that enable dentists to take better control over the surgical procedures and keep the tooth intact during removal. So, equip your clinic with our best-selling Dental Atraumatic Extraction Kit to provide painless extraction and make customer visits more comfortable.


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